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Hi there!

If my music made you curious, I can tell you a bit more about me and my music.

Mainly I am composing and producing soundtrack, new age and world music.
My music-style thereby is a result of the different musical experiences I made: e.g. learning to play the electronic organ, playing 10 years live in an Irish-Scottish folk-rock band, and is based of course on my enthusiasm for world music in general.

Today I do not play live anymore, but I focussed on composing my own pieces of music, which are produced with various keyboards, high quality VST instruments and real instruments like guzheng (Chinese zither), Celtic harp and shakuhachi.

I take sounds from different areas around the world (from Ireland to Japan and China) and combine them with more western instruments and rhythms. Sometimes you can find even elements of funk and jazz in my music. This synthesis allows me to transport my musical ideas and inspirations best.
Tracks arise mostly from improvisations, which then render my actual feelings and mood. But sometimes I get inspiration also from outer incidents or images and I start composing...:-).

Okay, why  OSAKA-SUNSET? Well, some years ago I spent some time in Osaka/Japan. The country, its people and culture had a very positve impact on me.
I lived also for more than a year in Boston/USA, another great experience I do not want to miss. Now I am back in Germany.

Best regards, I hope you enjoy my music :-)


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